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Special Event DJ

Throwing a  surprise party? From a Private Event DJ to catering, here's what you need to know

You are throwing a surprise party for a friend. It's a great idea to hire a private event DJ to help make your party fun. In addition to booking entertainment from your special event DJ in Birmingham, there are a few things that you'll want to consider to create the perfect surprise party for your loved one.


  • When you're the one planning the surprise party you'll want someone else to act as your accomplice. Make sure this is someone who you can trust. You'll need to be close enough to the person who is being surprised to be able to distract them without raising the person's suspicion. 

  • Consider the dress code. However your guest of honor will arrive is how the rest of the guests should dress as well. It's not fun to show up to your surprise party in sweatpants when the rest of the guests are decked out in cocktail attire. If you want everyone to be dressed up, have your accomplice lead your guest of honor to believe that they'll be going out to a fancy dinner together.

  • Looking for DJs near me for parties for your surprise party?Be sure to talk with the DJ about your guest of honor's musical preferences. A good private event DJ will be able to create a playlist that's perfect for your guest of honor. You'll also want to talk to your special event DJ in Birmingham about how they handle requests from guests. As your guest of honor begins to enjoy the event, they may want to make some requests from your special event DJ in Birmingham. Be sure that your private event DJ isn't set on playing a particular playlist and is happy to accommodate the request of the crowd.

  • Don't forget to consider parking. There's no bigger give away than your guest of honor pulling up to someone's home and seeing all the cars of friends and family gathered in one place. Think about offsite parking or coordinating an effort to have people drive together. A little bit of extra planning can go a long way in making sure your guest of honor is truly surprised.

  • To put an extra special touch on your surprise party, consider ordering masks for your other guests. It can be hysterical to watch the guest of honor enter into a room of look-alikes trying to figure out what's going on. A little planning can go a long way and making sure all of your guests have the perfect mask to surprise your guest of honor can make a big impact.

  • When deciding what type of food to serve at the event, consider your guest of honor's taste. While it can be easy to go with your preferences, going the extra mile to provide the favorite foods of the guest of honor can create an unforgettable event.


Planning a surprise party is no easy task, and you're a stellar friend for doing so. As you're looking for DJs near me for parties please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our DJ's near me for parties are here to help you with all of your surprise party entertainment needs.

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