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DiJital Selfie Mirror

Our DiJital Selfie Mirror may look like a regular mirror, but is actually a giant touch screen with interactive graphics and audio queues and responses to keep your guests engaged. This is more than just a photo booth, it's an experience.

It includes features such as photo filters, emojis, texting/emailing and even has retro games your guests can play. It would be an amazing addition to an event!

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to see them in action

DiJital Mini Mirror

The DiJital Mini Mirror is the perfect compliment to our larger booth. The is a small but powerful photo booth with some amazing features such as virtual props and photo filters.This highly interactive social media station is perfect for any size venue and budget. It takes pictures, GIFs, or short clips, all of which can be shared directly from the booth or your phone. It is super easy to use and super fun as well!

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