Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

- Do you offer a military discount?

YES! Offer a discount to all of our military and first responders. 

- How far do you travel?

As far as you want us to! There is a travel fee for events greater than 75 miles outside of Pelham, AL and a hotel might be required for events outside of 150 miles. 

- What type of payments do you take?

You can pay with Check, Credit Card (through PayPal)

- Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit is good for 1 year after your event date if we have to move your date for any reason (As long as we have available on the new date).  If you have to cancel your event the deposit is non-refundable. 

DJ Questions

Absolutely! All of our music is completely radio edited. You will not have to worry about explicit lyrics. 


- Is your music clean?

- Can people request songs at my event?

Yes, but we take them as requests. Just because they ask for it does not mean it will be played. If we don't have it or     

the DJ thinks that is not appropriate for your event they will not play the song. Any songs you as a client request     

will be played when it fits. 

- What will I have to provide for you?

We will need a 6 foot table, access to clean dedicated power within 25 feet, food (if the event is greater than 2                 hours), and access to non-alcoholic beverages. 

- Do you have back-ups?

YES!!!!! We have backups for our backups. Our DJ's basically carry 2 of everything. We also keep one DJ on call just   

in case something happens to your DJ the night before your event. 

Mirror Booth Questions

- How long does it take for the Mirror to get setup?

Selfie Mirror/Mini Mirror - In a rush we can be setup in an hour. We like to give ourselves 2 hours though. This time is not part of your performance time. Our setup and break down is on us. 

- How much space do you need?

DiJital Selfie Mirror  - We ask for a 10 foot by 10 foot space, but we have setup in smaller. We have to have at least   

10 foot by 10 foot space. 

Mini Mirror - We can be setup in any size space. The backdrop is 10 foot by 10 foot so we will need a wall or space       big enough for it. The further we can back the Mirror up the more people you can fit in the pictures. 

- Do you provide props?

DiJital Selfie Mirror - YES! We provide a plethora of signs, boa's, hats, and glasses. 

Mini Mirror - The Mini Mirror uses digital props. Much like Snapchat/Instagram filters the props recognize your         

face and place themselves. It's SUPER COOL!!!

- Does an attendant stay with the booth?

DiJital Selfie Mirror - YES! we keep an attendant with the booth the entire time to interact with the guests 

Mini Mirror - No, we have found that with the social booth your guests have more fun with the GIF and Clips              when someone isn't there watching them. 

- How many prints do the guest get?

DiJital Selfie Mirror - The standard event just has two print outs per shot. We do offer multiple print options. 

Mini Mirror - There are NO prints with this booth. This is a social sharing station you will be able to text or email       

along with Facebook/Instagram/... 

- How much does it cost?

DiJital Selfie Mirror - It depends on what package you want, and what all services you get. The more you get with       

us the more we help on pricing. We typically say for a 4 hour event its's around $1000 and goes up and down           

from there.  

Mini Mirror - Since there are no prints this booth is a lot more cost effective. The price starts at $600 and goes up          and down from there. Again, the more services you get with us. The more we can help you on the price. 


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