light show

Want your event to be a PARTY??!!?!?!? Add to the atmosphere with with a computerized light show. People are attracted to lights, so what better way to draw them towards the dance floor? You can also use lights as mood changers. Just imagine that for the first hour of the event, as your guests are mingling, a calm candle light color illuminates the room. However, when the party gets going, so can the color of the walls!! Call today to check for availability.


Music moves your soul, but lighting controls your mind. Lighting can change the mood of any person. From the wildest party to the most elegant wedding reception, lighting can change the atmosphere of any party. Allow us to bring your party to a whole new level.

Uplighting is what can change last years prom into this year's new experience. It can also change your cousin's wedding venue into your fairy tail wedding. Our energy efficient LED lights can be changed to whatever color matches your theme. Every venue is different so these prices are customary. Call today!!!