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​DiJital Entertainment is based in central Alabama. We vow to do everything in our power to make your event a success, and have your guests talking about your event for years to come. With a combined 20 + years of experience, DiJital Entertainment is the premier entertainment company that provides a smooth, friendly, and professional experience for your event. 



Finding the right music for your event is important. Anyone can turn on the radio, but our trained entertainers hand pick your songs to create the exact mood you are wanting for your event. We are prepared for whatever your party needs. We have all the hits from the 1940's to today. Oh, you like the ones that slipped through the crack? No big deal. Just give us at least a one week notice and we will get it! Also, all of the songs in our extensive music database are completely radio edited; no need to worry about anything inappropriate.

Don't Playlist 

Just like every person, every event is different. Some songs  you may not want to hear, or just aren't appropriate for your event. For that reason we allow you to create a "Don't Play List." This will ensure that those songs will NOT be played at your event. 

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